Making Energy Technology Deployment Easy

GreenWealth Energy helps building owners, managers and construction professionals understand how technology works and accurately quantify cost savings.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting technology uses 50-90% less electricity compared to incandescent or halogen lights. The lifespan of LED lighting is on average 50,000 to 100,000 hours per light, compared to 5,000 to 15,000 for traditional lighting types. Additional benefits of LED lighting include elevated aesthetic, improved security, and increased workplace productivity.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Across the U.S., electric vehicles are becoming more popular and workplace chargers are more in demand than ever. Electric vehicle charging stations allow the full charge of an electric vehicle in 4 to 6 hours for a Level II Charger or 45 minutes for a Level III Charger. In California, there are millions in newly released rebates from California State and local utilities for the partial or fully incentivized EV chargers.

Photo by Prykhodov/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Prykhodov/iStock / Getty Images

Smart Building Technologies

Everyone knows there are many intelligent controls to buildings that allow for the remote management, but few people know how easy it is to deploy them and reap the financial benefits. GreenWealth helps clients deploy smart thermostats, Energy Management Systems (EMS), cloud-based controls, and automated demand response (ADR) to stay ahead of their energy bills and protect against raising energy costs.

Photo by EzumeImages/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by EzumeImages/iStock / Getty Images

Renewable Energy: Solar and Battery Storage

GreenWealth provides turnkey Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) services for the development of solar and battery storage capabilities for commercial and industrial buildings of all sizes. For construction and contracting work, GreenWealth provides material specification services and works with state and local utilities to maximizes incentives for renewable energy technologies to pay for themselves quickly.