Vegan/Vegetarian Menus and Substitutes

In more recent news, the Vegan and Vegetarian diet has become more popular- for a good reason. The Vegetarian diet consists of anything except meat protein, this includes dairy products. Vegan diets on the other hand are completely plant based, therefore no animal products are consumed whatsoever.

Veganism and Vegetarianism are saving animals and our planet. The water, energy, and animals that are used for meat put a large dent in American CO2 Production. By reducing red meat consumption, 15-35% of GHG (a type of greenhouse gas) will be cut by 2050. By accommodating vegan/vegetarian diets, you will be participating in benefitting our planet. Plant-based diets will gain further traction as world populations increasing move towards middle-class status; creating a need for protein rich diets will be crucial without increasing meat consumption.

Here are some ways to incorporate and benefit from introducing vegan and vegetarian options:

  • Hotels will benefit from adding meat substitutes as options for vegans and vegetarians. This will increase likability, and also help our planet.

  • Collaborate with culinary team to focus on food trends around vegan/vegetarian consumer preferences.

  • Try to incorporate vegan/vegetarian dishes that are also organic and local items if possible.

  • Source new vendors that can offer new vegan and vegetarian friendly products to menu.

  • Make sure to mark any vegan/vegetarian dishes and properly train colleagues so they are well versed to answer any guest questions pertaining to the menu.

  • Buy fruit that is in season, and grown locally- this reduces the carbon emissions from transport from a different country/region.

Source: Greenview Portal