Rooftop Gardening

Rooftops aren’t very useful, or are they?

Utilizing your building’s extra space for gardening is a great way to help the earth, grow food, and provide a nice area for guests. Rooftop gardening has become more and more popular, providing hotels with a unique attraction and fresh food for guests.

Rooftop gardens are growing more common for urban hotels! Many restaurants grow their own herbs and vegetables to use in the kitchen.

*Please note: Gardens should avoid utilizing harmful pesticides.*

Specific ways hoteliers can implement gardening at their property:

  1. Designate an in-house team that will oversee the garden implementation project.

    • It may incorporate members from various departments, such as:

      • Culinary (Chef)

      • Engineering/Security

      • Marketing

      • Other green team members (if applicable)

  2. Planning and design should be taken into consideration before investing in a garden/rooftop garden

    • Identify what areas can be utilized as a garden (rooftop, outdoor space, indoor space*, etc.)

    • Determine maintenance costs and schedule for upkeep of project

    • For hotels in urban setting, think of creating a garden with planting troughs or boxes, especially on rooftop areas.

  3. Consider placing the garden in area that guests can also access, if not view. Or if this is not feasible, ensure that it is communicated with guests (i.e. menu offerings, in-room communications).

*Gardens can be used as an interesting attraction for a hotel. It brings attention to the beauty of nature, as well as the benefits of growing your own food. This will bring positive feedback from your guests.


Source: GreenView Portal