New Hotel Technologies That Will Keep Your Guests And Your Wallet Happy

Microwave Motion Sensors

Applying Integrated Automatic Motion Sensors (IAMS) to your existing lighting is a sure-fire way to improve your electrical efficiency and reduce your energy costs. It’s particularly useful for your parking lot lighting as it will dim your lights to a lower setting unless the presence of a person is detected, lowering your overall power usage. Additionally, it acts as a deterrent against burglars effectively acting as part of your security system and won’t cost you a fortune!

Smart Thermostats (Occupancy Sensors)

Using Energy Management Systems and Smart Thermostats such as Verdant Thermostats allows you to save even more on energy costs! With their patented thermostats and occupancy sensors, the temperature is allowed to drift when the room is unoccupied and significantly reduces HVAC runtime when guests are no longer in the room.