Low Hanging Fruit: Window Film

Window tinting is often only associated with automobiles and usually immediately written off as a purely aesthetic measure, however there are many benefits to applying window film to your commercial building that are easily overlooked:

Increased Energy Savings

A good, high-quality tint will prevent warmth from escaping during the winter and keep the heat out during the summer. This means an easier load on your facilities’ HVAC systems and a reduction on your monthly fuel and electric costs. Imagine the savings reaped from applying this method in conjunction with Energy Management System technologies such as Verdant’s Occupancy Sensors!

Increased Comfortability

It’s important that your building is comfortable for all of your guests and employees. Not only does commercial window film provide a stable climate for all to enjoy, but it screens out significant amounts of UV rays, heat and glare from entering softening the light, balancing the temperature and maintaining a comfortable environment all year-round.

Increased Safety 

Window films not only keep extra money in your pocket and provide a comfortable environment, they also provide extra security for your visitors and workers alike. Glass panes are always vulnerable to shattering or breaking, whether by force or by accident. Commercial window films come in thick security film versions which hold glass in place and prevent shards from spraying into the building and potentially injuring anyone. These films increase safety by reducing the chances of burglary, property damage, and also personal injury.