We believe in honesty, cost-efficiency and a better earth for all. 

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About Our Team

GreenWealth Energy Solutions provides cost-effective energy and water management solutions to commercial and industrial building owners. Helping energy technologies deploy through capturing utility incentives, gaining strategic partnerships and acquiring commercial and industrial customers.  We are trusted energy advisors for large scale, real estate clients and a customer acquisition partner for over 20 energy technology companies and manufacturers. 

We a proud to be a member company at LA Cleantech Incubator in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Our Process

We help our clients minimize their energy usage through energy conserving products. The state offers rebates for updated, more energy efficient appliances used by the clients. We oversee the selection, scheduling, and installation of our products. 

Step 1: Audit

Step 2: Utility Rebates

Step 3: Turnkey Project Implementation

Step 4: Receive Immediate Energy Savings